Beify is making custom solutions for you.

We work with Electronics.|Web.|3D.|Batteries.|Solar.

By utilizing knowledge and market trends Beify can offer customized solutions that fit your company.

Beify can provide not only custom IT systems and Web development but also fully customized electronics and distribution of electronic parts.


Beify Solutions finds unique solutions for your needs, please contact us for more information!
Examples of what we do,
Web Development, Web Design,
3D Printing (modeling, printing, service), Customized 3D printers,
Custom electronics circuits (PCBs), Custom sourcing (find suppliers),
Custom battery packs/battery walls, Solar inverters
Importing products for resale, Stock keeping, etc.

Contact information

Beify Solutions

Räntmästaregatan 8 A
ATT: Alexander Ohlén
416 58 Göteborg
Phone Number: +46 70 194 71 71